Association publications


  1. The association plans to inform its members via different platforms.
  2. Our Sales team acquires advertising customers for each publication.
  3. KB Verlag collects and bundles all relevant information for your publication.
  4. Depending on the specified objective, we develop the publication concept and implement it holistically in your interests.
  5. We assume responsibility for managing, updating, and maintaining the content in the different publications.
  6. Members & interest groups receive the previously specified and ordered info.

One-stop shop multimedia publications for associations

The added value of an association is in the bundling of its members’ interests and the extensive flow of information communicated transparently to an internal audience.

We are a full-service publisher with years of broad experience in cross-channel communication for associations. Our services include the production of printed magazines, physical and electronic newsletters, and diverse digital media.

If you are planning modifications to your association’s communication in the near future, we stand ready to advise and serve you.

Roger Hartmann
General Manager
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Olaf Aperdannier
General Manager
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