Schweizer Energiefachbuch

The Schweizer Energiefachbuch provides innovative, practical solutions for sustainable construction and operation. How can architecture, technology and sustainability be ideally combined at an affordable price? What is aesthetically, technically, socially, and economically viable and groundbreaking? The Schweizer Energiefachbuch reports on current challenges, presents successful buildings, and provides a platform for experts to share their views.

The reference work delivers facts and information about the examples, helpful links, key indicators of energy consumption, requirements from different eco labels, networks, and subsidies. It also contains addresses of more than 200 facilities management and energy engineers, organizations, public authorities, associations, and energy agencies. For years the Schweizer Energiefachbuch, with its loyal subscribers, has been the best-selling publication for sustainable construction.

Architects, planners and civil engineers, investors and developers, property managers and owners, trustees and banks, operators and users, industry, management companies and pension fund foundations, contractors, construction companies and general contractors, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies, public administrations, energy consulting offices, national and cantonal councils


Publication frequency
Once per year, in November


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